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Disney Cast Biological Male As "Evil Queen" At Florida Wilderness Lodge, Outraged Father C

•, by Tyler Durden

"....the Evil Queen without a doubt had a man's voice," said the father of a family who dined at Wilderness Lodge, Brietbart and That Park Place reported. 

The father reportedly said: "I told my waiter that I had a problem with something. He then asked what was the issue and I simply stated I have a problem with Evil Queen being a man dressed in drag. The waiter immediately said he was going to get a manager and he looked panicked…"

He continued, telling That Park Place: "At first I said I wanted to formally complain about the Evil Queen being a man and that I felt very disrespected by Disney because this is not the sort of thing my family values and they didn't give us any type of notice that this sort of thing was even a possibility."

"After that my wife then signaled for me to stand up and take a step from the table so that our kids didn't have to overhear the conversation. So I stood up and continued my chat with the manager which lasted about one to two mins maybe (felt like an hour). I stated we are a conservative Christian family, I'm spending $8,000 on this current trip in addition to the tens of thousands I've spent together in the past at Walt Disney World and Disney Cruises, and that this is not right."

Then, the father claims the manager told him: "I can assure you that she is a woman."

"She went even further," the father detailed to That Park Place, "trying to shame me, informing me that 'she' was so excited to get the part as the Evil Queen. For a brief moment I thought 'oh… maybe I'm wrong' but then I realized that I was just being gaslighted."