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Report: Ivanka Trump is 'revving up' for 2024 announcement

•, By: Darrian Johnson

However, Ivanka soon faced some pushback from liberal New Yorkers, relocated to Miami, and remained quiet.

Now, she's fueled speculation about a return to politics. She's "warming to the idea of trying to be helpful" with her father's campaign for a second term, an insider to the Trump family told Puck News.

The insider told the outlet that Ivanka is "privately not ruling out having some sort of role."

"She's not like 'Hell no' anymore," the insider told Puck, anticipating an announcement sometime around the Republican National Convention in July. "After a longstanding position of ruling it out, she's more open to it. It's getting more real, it's revving up."

It remains unclear whether Ivanka is equally "warm" on a position an another Republican administration.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka's husband, appears satisfied with his role at Affinity Partners, a Miami-based firm. Kushner has  "displayed zero interest in leaving his newfound perch in private equity to return to the Trump fold," according to the source.

Granted, this single source is just that: a single, anonymous source.

Plus, Jared and Ivanka both dispute this report.

"As they've both repeatedly stated, Ivanka and Jared continue to focus on their family and lives in the private sector and do not intend to go back to politics," a Trump-Kushner spokesperson told Puck.