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Here's What Infrastructure Neglect and Political Instability Look Like

• Organic Prepper

The 2019 Venezuelan blackouts were a series of power outages that affected Venezuela from 7 March to 14 March 2019. The blackout was the largest in the country's history, affecting over 20 million people.

While some areas experienced only a few days without electricity, others suffered one whole week, and remote regions waited a grueling ten days for restoration.

A Bitter Memory and a Bleak Future

Five years and some weeks after that event, the blackouts remain a stark reminder of the country's vulnerability, a bitter event that could repeat without any warning.

The specter of a repeat hangs heavy, fueled by a lack of transparency and accountability from the government. The official narrative has been (of course) pointing fingers at external forces and blaming the US for an alleged "war" against the "revolution" and other similar nonsense.

However, the reality paints a different picture.