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LOW Cost DIY Self Watering Raised Garden Wicking Bed From an IBC

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In this video, we turn a simple IBC into a self-watering wicking bed perfect for any gardener wanting to save water, save money and grow big crops of healthy vegetables!  


0:00 Introduction

1:45 What is an IBC?

2:20 Where to get an IBC?

2:50 Wicking bed advantages

4:40 Cost of making/buying IBC wicking bed

5:45 Materials needed to make a wicking bed

8:33 Water reservoir

10:56 Fitting the geofabric

11:39 Layering organic materials to make the growing medium

19:40 Mulching the bed

20:17 Securing the Inlet Pipe

21:03 Watering the wicking bed

22:52 Final tips and summary

25:03 Conclusion