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Love Freedom? It is OK to Hate You - Part 1 (first published May 2020)

• The Burning Platform - The Ghost of Matthew Lyon

The Proposed New Normal Must Go Down!

The Ghost of Matthew Lyon
The Scourge Of Aristocracy and Repository of Important Political Truth – Fair Haven, Vermont

We are watching the manufacture of the new underclass at "warp speed" right before our eyes. People the fraudsters would love you to hate as evidenced by the spread of this…

If you reject handouts, debt slavery, and house arrest no matter the fake names they give it. You are now the evil one.

Whether you make thoughtful independent calculations as to your social actions and personal risks or are simply unconcerned, unless you adhere strictly to the edicts of government from any officialdom, you are now a "justified" target for hate. A "covidiot", your new hate group identity regardless of your intelligence…  But, hasn't it always been that way???

Your still indoctrinated neighbors can, and will be used against you with this new dividing line.

You must help them understand before it is too late. Only love can do this. The true evil behind the government and their Money Cartel masters needs us fighting against each other to win. Don't give them that.

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