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Inside the airport that has not lost a single piece of luggage in THIRTY YEARS...


It is popular with travellers from Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto and is one of the busiest airports in Japan.

Kansai International Airport will celebrate its 30-year anniversary in September and will mark three decades without losing a single piece of luggage.

The major transport hub has long been praised for its efficiency, but it also has a flawless record when it comes to lost baggage claims - since they don't get any.

'The ground handling staff at Kansai International Airport is nothing special,' airport spokesperson Kenji Takanishi modestly told Newsweek, despite the team not having lost any luggage in 30 years of operations. 

The airport has a specific system in place to ensure that every piece of baggage reaches its owner undamaged, with employees working in teams of two or three to limit the number of hands the suitcases go through and taking extra care to make sure the items aren't damaged.

Every worker has to follow detail handling instructions, which dictate how cargo holds in the planes should be loaded and unloaded as well as the differences between the various airlines servicing the airport. 

If a suitcase gets wet from the rain, it is 'wiped and returned' to the carousel, Takanishi said.  

'Since many customers come to Kansai from all over the world, we aim to be more courteous and accurate in our operations,' Takanishi added.