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Microsoft Unleashes Realistic Deepfakes to Replace Billions of Humans with Digital Avatars

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Microsoft Research is introducing VASA-1 (Video Audio Speech Animation), its latest artificial intelligence (AI) product that has the ability to generate hyper-realistic talking face videos from a single portrait image and speech audio generated in real-time. It can be used for the entertainment industry, virtual assistants, education and training, accessibility for the speech impaired, and it can speak foreign languages. 

Mike Adams warned that the use of avatars will be dangerous when people think an avatar is a real person. Avatars will be used to create the illusion consensus in politics. Misinformation and reshaping reality are a concern. Identity theft is another problem. Human relationships will be replaced with virtual avatars including friends and lovers. Deepfake influencers will dominate every demographic.  Newscasters will be replaced with talking heads. 

Adams has developed that uses Microsoft technology but reporograms its 'woke' bias for a more truthful perspective.