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INSANE New Tax Proposal – Stealing from Citizens Legally

• By Martin Armstrong

Washinton says this tax is necessary to address the looming national debt, but they are simultaneously implementing measures to ensure that the nation falls deeper into debt. Perpetually issuing new debt to pay for the old is equivalent to a Ponzi scheme that WILL FAIL.

Donald Trump's implemented tax deductions are set to expire in 2025, which is precisely when these measures could go into effect. The proposals essentially rob those who have achieved success to pay those who leech off of the government.

The proposal is over 250 pages in length but looks to target all investments. The MSM will report that they are only going after the wealthiest Americans but the truth of the matter is that they will seek to squeeze everything they can out of every American, unless they fully rely on government assistance and are therefore owned by Washington.

"A new 25- percent minimum income tax would be imposed on extremely wealthy taxpayers. For high-income taxpayers, gaps in the law that allow some pass-through business owners to avoid Medicare taxes would be eliminated, and Medicare tax rates would be increased. Additional loopholes, including the carried interest preference and the like-kind exchange real estate preference, would be eliminated for those with the highest incomes. Together these reforms would sharply curtail tax preferences that allow the wealthy to pay lower tax rates on their investment income and exacerbate income and wealth disparities, including by gender, geography, race, and ethnicity."

We are equal in rights, not talent. This proposal clearly states that successful individuals must be punished financially. Will the government curtail its own spending or address the utter deterioration of fiscal policy that has hurt all Americans? No. There are no mirrors in Washington.

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