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Elon Musk issues brutal email to Tesla staff as he goes 'absolutely hardcore'...


Elon Musk fired two Tesla senior executives and announced plans to go 'absolutely hardcore' with layoffs, frustrated by falling sales and the pace of job cuts so far, according to a new report. 

The Tesla boss, who sat down with Chinese premier Li Qiang on Sunday promising an imminent roll-out of driverless cars in the country, sent a brutal email to senior managers Monday night, The Information reported.

Rebecca Tinucci, senior director of the electric vehicle maker charging infrastructure, and Daniel Ho, head of the new vehicles program, will leave on Tuesday morning, the report said.

Musk also plans to dismiss everyone working for Tinucci and Ho, including the roughly 500 employees who work in the Supercharger group.

'Hopefully these actions are making it clear that we need to be absolutely hard core about headcount and cost reduction. While some on exec staff are taking this seriously, most are not yet doing so,' Musk said. 

Ho joined Tesla in 2013 and was a program manager in the development of the Model S, the 3, and the Y before being put in charge of all new vehicles.

Tinucci joined in 2018 as a senior product manager and has been in charge of the Supercharging and Destination Charging businesses since 2022.

Tesla's public policy team, which was led by former executive Rohan Patel, will also be dissolved.

Patel and battery development chief Drew Baglino announced their departures earlier this month, when Tesla also ordered the layoffs of more than 10 percent of its workforce.

Tesla has already laid off at least 14,000 of its global workforce including from its Texas and Buffalo factories, under pressure from dropping sales and an intensifying price war among EV makers. 

Musk's visit to China came just a week after canceling a meeting with India's PM Narendra Modi, citing 'very heavy Tesla obligations'.

The company has lost nearly a third of its value since the start of the year with investors growing tired of repeated delays to its roll-out of cars with full self-driving software (FSD).