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Tulsi Gabbard: Why it's time to leave the Democrat party behind

•, By D. Parker

People you would normally consider to be on the "left" side of the political spectrum have shifted, in a relative sense, toward the pro-freedom side.

It's a case of the fringe far left leaving everyone else behind, as epitomized in the Elon Musk meme, which showed him in the same place on the political spectrum.  At the same time, the insane leftists moved off the scale.

The party that at least used to pretend to care about the middle class, fundamental freedoms, and individual rights has become the party of wealth redistribution — to the leftist ruling class — the destruction of the country, marching toward war, and rampant corruption.  Sadly enough, the Republicans are only marginally better, but were they to take advantage of the candidacy of President Trump instead of shying away from it like the Gutless Old Party, then we could succeed in blowing the "Democratic" party out of the water — for good.

Tulsi Gabbard is one of the more prominent examples, but there are many others of varying stature.  Her short video and voice-over make the case for leaving the Democratic Party: