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Report: Nestle Dumps Sugar Into Baby Food

•, By Ben Bartee

The liberal and loving executives in charge of manufacturing wholesome Nestle foodstuffs to sustain the peasantry have reportedly been busy beavers, dumping unheard-of quantities of processed sugar into its baby feed marketed to Third World mothers.

Via Public Eye (emphasis added):

"Cerelac and Nido are some of Nestlé's best-selling baby-food brands in low- and middle-income countries… Their sales value in this category was greater than $2.5 billion in 2022.

In its own communications or via third parties, Nestlé promotes Cerelac and Nido as brands whose aim is to help children "live healthier lives". Fortified with vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients, these products are, according to the multinational, tailored to the needs of babies and young children and help to strengthen their growth, immune system and cognitive development.

But do these infant cereals and powdered milks really offer "the best nutrition," as Nestlé claims…

Most Cerelac and Nido products marketed in lower-income countries do contain added sugar, often at high levels

In Senegal and South Africa, Cerelac cereals contain 6 grams of added sugar per serving*

Manufacturers may try to get children accustomed to a certain level of sugar at a very early age, so that they prefer products high in sugar."

*One need not have done an endocrinology residency at Mount Sinai or whatever to understand how devastating 6 grams of added sugar would be for a 10-pound baby.

Where, pray tell, are all of the vaunted, credentialed medical "experts" on the processed sugar baby-poisoning pandemic?

If one were inclined to conspiracy theory, one might surmise that feeding infants high-fructose corn syrup is nothing but gravy for the medical-industrial complex — a guaranteed lifelong customer created with every feeding!