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Trump and DeSantis Meet Privately in Florida for 'Several Hours' as VP Speculation Grows

•, By Jack Davis

The pair spoke for several hours in what was described as a friendly meeting, according to The Washington Post, which cited sources it did not name.

The report said both men had a reason to meet. For Trump, whose legal battles are draining time and resources, access to the DeSantis donor network would be a plus, as would having DeSantis energize Republicans.

"There is an incentive for DeSantis to form a closer relationship, as well," the Post wrote. "People close to DeSantis have said it is untenable for him to continue to have a strained relationship with Trump, particularly as he eyes his political future. He is widely viewed among Republican donors and consultants as weakened after a shellacking by Trump in the primary."

Steve Witkoff, a Florida real estate broker, helped connect the men in a meeting that resulted in DeSantis agreeing to work with Trump to defeat President Joe Biden.

DeSantis has been on some lists of potential Trump running mates, a fluid list of names that has evolved with input from Trump's hints and unabashed media speculation.

A report from Axios had previously indicated that North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has been gaining traction as a potential bridge to moderates.

The report indicated that Burgum could help Trump connect with undecided voters, suggesting it was a sign of Trump's favor that Burgum and his wife attended an Easter brunch at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

Another potential running mate, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, has been battling political brush fires ever since word came out that her upcoming memoir will relate that she shot her dog and also killed a goat, according to the BBC.

The memoir will say the dog was "untrainable" and "dangerous" and that Noem took the dog to a gravel pit and shot her.