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Michael Yon joins Mike Adams with world update on Japan, Taiwan, Israel and the collapse...

•, Health Ranger Report

- Protests in #Taiwan and #Japan, including a recent event in Tokyo with 20,000 attendees. (0:01)

- #Depopulation in Japan and Taiwan, with a focus on the UN and Western involvement. (5:18)

- Atomic bombs as war crimes, with a focus on Japan's history and cultural context. (10:30)

- US Empire's history of provoking conflicts and using military force. (18:09)

- Dual citizenship and Zionism in the US government. (25:20)

- Critical thinking and media literacy. (29:54)

- GOP attacks on First Amendment. (39:57)

- Political principles and voting choices. (43:02)

- Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. (46:59)

- German and British culture, mythology, and victimhood. (51:33)

- Energy policy, migration, and geopolitics in #Europe and Japan. (59:19)

- Kurdish diaspora and #Zionism. (1:01:43)

- Guns, self-defense, and gun control in Taiwan. (1:05:49)