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RAY EPPS EXPOSED: Never Before Released FBI Interview Call Uncovered...

•, By Alicia Powe

New audio reveals suspected government operative James Ray Epps repeatedly lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in a never-before-released interview with the bureau obtained by The Gateway Pundit. Lying to the FBI is a crime punishable by up to an 8-year prison sentence.

In January 2021, when Ray Epps returned home to Arizona two days after the Capitol riot, he called the FBI and audaciously asked a federal agent to remove his photograph from the "Most Wanted" list, insisting that he would "do anything" to assist the weaponized intelligence agency with identifying suspects he believed should be arrested for their actions on Jan. 6 while providing fabricated accounts of what he did and what transpired that fateful day. 

"What federal violation are you calling to report tonight?" a female agent asks Epps at the start of the 27-minute interview with the bureau on Jan. 8, 2021, in an attempt to evade federal charges.

Epps informs the government that he had just become aware that his photograph was published on the FBI's website.

"Well, uh, my brother-in-law called me and said that my picture is on your website as a person of interest at the Capitol. And I looked it up and sure enough, there I am," he told the agent, chuckling.

Accompanied by his wife Robyn Epps during the interview, the concerned fugitive asks the agent to hold while they identify his BOLO number.

Featured on the FBI bulletin whispering in J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel's ear, Epps states that he is featured in "photograph number sixteen," then immediately begins criminally implicating Samsel.

"Photograph sixteen, that is me, and I've got my arm on this guy because he started– he was trying to fight the cops, trying to pick a fight with the cops, the police officers," Epps said. "And I was trying to calm him down."