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Watch: Migrants Gone Wild On Streets Of Midtown Manhattan

•, by Tyler Durden

Footage of the fight was uploaded on X on Sunday. The scenes show parts of Manhattan transformed into what appears to be third-world-esque as law and order lapses under a city controlled by rogue Democrats. 

The Row is one of many hotels and shelters converted to house illegal aliens in NYC from the open southern border. About 200,000 migrants have flooded the city since early 2022. There are as many as 64,000 in these shelters. 

"Must be such joy to live in that NYC cesspool. Between the crime, looting, murders, sucker punching - and now the feral illegal aliens…..just lovely," one X user said, referring to the video. 

Another X user said, "Wait until they stop housing & feeding them. That's when the chaos will begin."