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World's largest marine reptile gives blue whale a run for its money

• arclein

The new species has been named Ichthyotitan severnensis, which means "giant fish lizard of the Severn" (a river near the site). And it sure earns that title, with researchers estimating that it may have measured up to 25 m (82 ft) long. That puts it in blue whale territory, making it comfortably the largest marine reptile ever known and up there with the largest known animals. Of course, length isn't the only measure of size ?" Patagotitan is thought to be the largest land animal, and at 37 m (121 ft) it's much longer than Ichthyotitan. But it's mostly neck and tail, and tips the scales at "just" 70 tons, or less than a quarter of a blue whale. Our new fish lizard friend has a bulky body shape closer to that of a whale, so it could also be a contender for heavyweight champion.