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Outrage as Columbia president Minouche Shafik cancels all in-person classes until the end...


Parents of Columbia students are being encouraged to demand refunds after the college cancelled all in-person classes as it struggles to get a grip on pro-Palestine protests.

Embattled president Minouche Shafik announced that remote learning will remain in place for the college's 37,000 students until the end of the Spring semester amid the ongoing tensions.

Turmoil at the university ramped up on Monday during the major Jewish holiday of Passover, when protesters camped out for the seventh day in an attempt to urge the school to divest from companies with financial ties to Israel.

'Safety is our highest priority as we strive to support our students' learning and all the required academic operations,' said the Ivy League school, which charged $66,139 for full tuition during the 2022-23 academic year. 

The arrangement is set to last until at least April 29 the last day of classes, with teachers encouraged to, 'provide other accommodations liberally to students who have requested support for virtual learning this week'.