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The Demonic Flooding of America Was Deliberate


This was published last August in a series looking at the people behind the curtain. It is a "story" that I continue to follow because it makes me very very cross. I grew up with the Canadian version of these people, and found them limited in vision and cruel. I had no idea how bad it was.

In this essay, I draw together the evidence that from the 60's on, their goal was to break the children of three generations, (ending with gender reassignment surgery), destroy their minds, stunt their futures, ruin their families, attempt to persuade them that having children was bad, and that growth, prosperity and self-government was impossible, even destructive. From the Kennedy assassination onwards, a series of horrifying events was engineered to destabilize American culture and confidence. From military and hospital laboratories all over the US and Canada, psychiatrists ran experiments and devised actions to set community groups against each other, deliberately destroying civic peace. The environmental movement was created in these labs and seminar rooms, as was second wave feminism. All of it was anti-human, meant to draw down the population, and ensure that the rest were docile to the point of submission. Operation Paperclip, Operation Bluebird, Operation Mockingbird, MKUltra were and continue to be real, heavily funded, and weaponized against us.

I do not for a second imply that the art and music of that period, at least some of it, wasn't genuine and the new spiritual disciplines weren't valuable. But they were twisted and weaponized against us.

An engineered counter culture

The nicest person in my world asked me recently if a coven could use our ravine to celebrate Beltane. No, I exclaimed, absolutely not! And was surprised by my vehemence. I don't particularly dislike or distrust Wicca, it is practiced all through the Pacific North West, in particular by eco-feminist witches, and I thought I saw it as harmless.

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An interesting point in all of this is found throughout the Old Testament. Ancient Israel was made up of saved people who constantly fell away, ran into trouble from God, and returned back to God again. Many of the Satan worshipers of the USA are really fallen Jesus believers. God puts up with a lot, like He did for Ancient Israel. America's fallen haven't necessarily completely disowned Jesus. But they are going to get 'slapped', just like God slapped ancient Israel time and again, just to wake them up so that they turn back to Him. We, the believers, who haven't fallen away, might have to put up with the slapping just for being in proximity to those who are getting slapped.