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"Weekend At Bernie's Economy": Joe Biden, Seeking Another Term, Wheels Out The Corpse.

•, By Michael

When I was a kid, "Weekend at Bernie's" was one of my all-time favorite movies.  In that film, two guys worked really hard to convince everyone that their boss was still alive so that they wouldn't get into trouble.  I remember laughing throughout that entire movie.  Today, the Biden administration is working really hard to convince all of us that the U.S. economy is still alive, and that isn't funny at all.  A horrific cost of living crisis is absolutely crushing millions of U.S. households, large companies are conducting mass layoffs all over the nation, and the real estate industry is in a gigantic mess.  But Joe Biden and his minions would have us believe that everything is just fine.

What we are witnessing is so similar to a very shocking incident that recently happened in Brazil.

A very disturbed woman, seeking a loan, actually wheeled a corpse into a local bank

Now Joe Biden, seeking another term, is wheeling out the corpse of the U.S. economy and pretending that it is still alive.

But no matter how many fake numbers they give us, we all know the truth.

Last week, I came across a very sad post by an elderly man on a popular Internet forum, and it was one of the most heartbreaking things that I have read in a very long time…

For the first time ever, the wife went to the local food bank yesterday. We had dinner last night because she did. My heart is crushed. I have always been able to keep food in our house. We met in 84 , married in 92 and we have had some tough times sure enough. But it's never been like this. I don't know how people are making it. Our bills are all paid. So we are indeed fortunate. The past two years has been an ever increasing decline in our ability to make ends meet. The cost of literally everything has taken what we use to put in the bank for road trips to the coast or mountains. Now we can't afford to even feed ourselves.