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Traveler, 27, tests ALL major domestic airlines and private jet carriers in the US to create...


YouTube prankster decided to try out every airline based in the United States, a rollicking adventure that kept him confined to 'the airport system' within the country for a week straight.

Eric Decker, 27, who goes by Airrack on YouTube, where he boasts nearly 15 million subscribers, decided to 'dedicate however many days of my life it takes to try every single airline in the country.'

All the while, he teased in his latest video that he had the 'best seat' in the country booked for the final leg of his journey, on an American Airlines flight, that would take him home to Los Angeles.

He embarked on the sky-high endeavor, with an itinerary spanning all 28 domestic airlines, with 'three simple rules' in place. 

First rule: He was 'not allowed to leave the airport system' - that is, all the action must be confined to planes and airports - until the mission was complete. 

Second rule: He must 'buy the nicest seat' the airline will sell him, and then will rate the experience on: price, comfort, service, and 'the X-factor,' adding of the latter that he wanted 'to leave these airlines room to surprise me.'

Third and final rule: All eating, drinking, bathroom usage and sleep must be done on a plane or in an airport.