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IF AI LLM Queries Replace Google Internet Search

• arclein

Part of this is what place does advertising have in that new paradigm. One possibility is that if everyone has a personal assistant/agent AI, that agent could know everything about you, be a major part of establishing and defending your identity, and handle business on your behalf under your direction. For advertising that means it could negotiate with various advertisers based on who you are and what your needs and interests are. You could be paid to listen to sales pitches. Consider a drug company that now spends $100M to reach 100M people in a campaign ?" 99% of whom have no interest and the relevant 1% provide no feedback and only get a brief simple ad. Instead, if negotiating with AI agents, they could reach just the 1M people who might use the drug, and pay them $100 each to participate in an interactive 10 minute presentation. A much better deal for both sides and the other 99% who aren't bothered with the irrelevant ads. The consumer only participates when they want in pi