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Watch: Bill Cooper Reveals Israel's True Purpose is to Usher in World Government


"Israel was created as the instrument to bring about…a war that will be so terrible, where nuclear weapons will be used, so that [people] will get down on their knees and beg for no more war," he said in a 1992 interview.

"And what is the answer to that? They're going to be told the only way we can guarantee no more war is if we destroy the sovereignty of nations, and we come together as one humanity in a one world government."

Cooper went on to say that the globalists behind the insidious plan to usher in global government don't belong to any single tribe, ethnicity, or religion in particular, but are students of the "mystery schools."

"Read the Book of Revelations. Whether you believe the book or not, read it, because the men who are bringing this about are using it as their script," he said.

The interviewer then hypothesized the Jewish people were being "manipulated" by the globalists for this purpose.