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Another Whistleblower Is Ready to Expose Fani Willis' Corruption


Jordan disclosed this new development during an appearance on Fox Business, telling host Maria Bartiromo that a female informant has emerged, ready to reveal what she knows to the House Oversight Committee's inquiry. 

"Now the Justice Department reportedly finding inconsistencies in Fulton County D.A.Fani Willis' use of federal grant money," Bartiromo explained. "Willis fired the whistleblower who warned the D.A.'s office was attempting to misuse $488,000."

"This was a federal grant," she continued. "She wanted to use it to pay for computers and travel. I don't know if she was traveling with her boyfriend or not, but the D.O.J. told the Washington Free Beacon the grant is plagued with reporting discrepancies, Mr. Chairman."

"God bless the whistleblower who came forward," Jordan replied. "We've talked with the whistleblower. She's given information to the press, to us. Now the Department of Justice is looking into this."

Jordan pointed out that former Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade had met with the January 6 Committee before resigning his post.

"He was traveling to Washington to meet with the D.O.J., the White House, the January 6th Committee, all in this effort to go after President [Donald] Trump," Jordan opined. "And now we have this. It looks like misspending federal grant dollars."