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Technocracy: "The Science Of Social Engineering" And The End Of Debt


Personally, I take original Technocracy at its word: First, it is the "science of social engineering," and second, "there will be no place for politics, politicians, finance or financiers." Political systems will vanish in favor of Technocratic control. If there is no private property, finance and financiers will also disappear. This is the meaning of Klaus Schwab's "you will own nothing" and rent everything.

Currently, the world is awash in debt. Every currency is based on debt. Indeed, debt is the cornerstone of everything. Furthermore, the level of debt around the world is increasing geometrically and forming the "mother of all bubbles." Bubbles always explode. This implies a reset (Great Reset) of all debt and a reshuffling of assets into the coffers of mega-banks and the Central Banks: all stocks and bonds, all homes, cars, businesses, and everything that was financed.

Enter Central Bank Digital Currency which will not be debt-based.

The Great Taking documentary by David Webb is hard to take, and perhaps some particulars are unclear or mistaken. Webb walked the corridors of Wall Street finance for years.