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Climate – The Cold Truth

•, By Julian Rose

In this film (see link below) is a succinct and powerfully presented series of exposés by scientists and climatologists coming clean about the real truth behind the global warming invention.

Highly recommended  viewing for all in need of material that can be shared with others needing to be brought up to speed on this vital issue.

Climate Change/Global Warming is the scare tool being used to completely capsize the world economy, destroy agriculture and act as a supposed critical 'health hazard' to the global population. The  World Health Organisation has the audacity to claim that it is in a position to also rule on climate issues. So its 'Pandemic Treaty', if approved by The World Health Assembly this May 2024, looks like being the basis for placing both climate change and world health under its United Nations/World Economic Forum-backed despotic mantle.

Let us be in no doubt that the depopulation agenda is at the forefront of these maneuvers.

Covid, Climate and Health Care are now all weaponised by the elite Big Finance cult that pulls the strings of puppet political chiefs, non-governmental  organisations (NGOs) and all operatives that toe the line of the top down status quo.

I would wish that those speaking on this film had had the courage to raise their voices before their retirement. This is where true whistleblowers really come into their own. It takes courage.