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The Deep State Prepares for a Trump Victory

•, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

I'm guilty of believing this. I've doubted every prediction that Donald Trump or RFK, Jr. can win. This is not because they won't get votes. It's because those votes might not matter enough.

The power of haters is awesome and ubiquitous. The whole of legacy media, government, corporate tech, pharma, and both the administrative state and the deep state are dedicated to keeping them and their supporters from power.

We don't even know if elections really work anymore. It's entirely possible, in this view, that millions will slog to the polls in November and do their duty in what will only end up as theater. The regime controls the ballots, surely, and nothing can overcome that. A second Biden term, the most unpopular president in my lifetime, is inevitable, in this view. The system is too broken to generate any other outcome.

Admit it: you have been tempted by this outlook too.

Well, I'm here to bring you some good news. The deep state has blinked. I will present evidence to you that the bad guys are actually preparing for a full-blown assault on administrative state hegemony. They are working to protect themselves against a victory by someone other than Joe Biden.

Will it work? I don't know but what's super critical is that they are preparing. If it were not possible to win, they wouldn't bother. In other words, this is very good news!

The evidence comes from a largely unnoticed press release from the Office of Personnel Management. The legacy media did not report on this at all.

It reads as follows:

"The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) today announced a final rule that clarifies and reinforces long-standing protections and merit system principles for career civil servants," says the press release.