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Dr. Joseph Mercola advises on what you can do if weaponised bird flu is released


Recent discussions around "global biosecurity" and the potential for disease outbreaks to foster a totalitarian world government have intensified. A weaponised bird flu could be the next major threat.

Recent cases of bird flu affecting various mammals, including livestock and pets, suggest the virus may be adapting to new hosts, raising alarms about its potential impact on humans.

In March 2024, the first case of bird flu in livestock was found in a goat in Minnesota. That same month, infected cows were identified in Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Idaho and Michigan. Three cats have also reportedly died from H5N1 infection, and one individual who came into close contact with infected cows has tested positive after presenting with conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Current countermeasures against bird flu, such as culling infected and exposed animals, hinder the development of natural immunity. Smaller flock sizes and better management would also reduce the disease risk.