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If Any Out There Want Freedom, You will Have to Take It!

• - Gary Barnett

"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life."

Bob Marley

As much as it might disturb some, I must say that the time has come for all good men to take their freedom from this heinous State that was created, and now run by, criminals, thieves, and murderers, and do so without reservation. This is not a call for violence or aggression, it is a call for self-defense against all who would attempt to control and exercise power over any individuals in the name of the State. When someone breaks into your home, threatening your family and property, the proper response is to defend yourself by any means necessary. This is no different than when any entity such as the State, does the same thing. Government steals your assets, creates hundreds of thousands of illegitimate 'laws,' all outside natural law parameters, and uses extreme threats and violence to enforce these bogus 'laws,' including incarceration or murder; all without any validity. That is an attack against you, and your only justifiable weapon against this aggression is self-defense, as petitioning the very aggressor for redress of threat or violence is a worthless effort.