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'Arbiter of Truth' & 'Disinformation Guru' Tells Public 'Don't do Your Own R

•, Sean Miller

The discussion specifically regarded what they deem as misinformation and disinformation on elections and how Americans should not have a mind of their own.

The Pitt Disinformation Lab executive lambasted self-led investigations, instead saying Pennsylvanians should just blindly eat up what the 'trusted sources' claim to be true. She also discussed January 6th and the 2020 election as a failure of control over the minds of citizens.

"One thing everyone can do to make sure they are seeing accurate information is to use trusted sources. So in elections that means using the Department of State, that means using your county elections office, it means using media organizations that follow, that adhere, to professional journalism standards like … your local NPR affiliate," Schwanke said. "And it doesn't mean you know, 'doing your own research' and just asking questions and sharing, you know, posts from – I don't know, in my case, it's Uncle Joe, right? It means being thoughtful about where your sources are coming from."

Schwanke discouraged even the sharing of thoughts, opinions and ideas amongst individual voters.

Instead of thinking, the Pitt Disinformation Lab executive insinuated the public should turn away from using their brains for reasoning and fully accept any and all statements by government agencies, government officials, and mainstream media sources.

Seeking to remove the human consciousness from the equation in voting is the establishment's counter to the populist revolution seen in the 2016 election and the great awakening that has arisen since 2020.