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America's Ceasefire Deception

•, by Ilana Mercer

Basic really, for Israel is in violation of God's law, natural justice, the laws of war and all customary international humanitarian law.

That Israel is committing the "the crime of all crimes" against the Palestinians of Gaza is not within the realm of opinion.

That the Global North is standing stock-still in the face of this well-documented holocaust is not in dispute.

That the United States is an active participant in war crimes, funding and arming Israel in contravention of international humanitarian law , a plethora of US laws (having, without attached conditions, delivered more than 100 arms shipments to Israel since October 7), and the natural justice, articulated by Cicero as early as 106-43 B.C.: these are all fact.

That America has provided the Jewish State with diplomatic cover—running interference for it, so that it may continue to its evil ends—until recently vetoing three (albeit symbolic) international attempts to stop Israel: this, too, is immutably true.

Right and wrong are universal, not relative. The Sixth Commandment is not opinion, but a species of the inviolable natural law. Neither is it optional. "Thou shalt not murder" is called a commandment for a reason. There are no tribal privilege clauses attached to it. Like gentiles, Jews are enjoined against murder, to say nothing of mass murder.

Yet Israelis now flout the Sixth Commandment with ugly audacity. They appear to believe that their sectarian supremacy transcends the universal moral order to which international law, the natural law and the Decalogue give expression.