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Fury over Seattle's axing of gifted and talented schools for having too many white students...


Anger over Seattle's decision to close its schools for gifted and talented students has grown - as newly-unearthed footage showed shocking behavior from the board who made the decision. 

Last month's announcement that the Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) schools would shutter because they have too many white and Asian students enraged parents who say bright but disadvantaged children of all races will now suffer.

Kiley Riffell, whose two daughters attend HCC school Cascadia Elementary, said: 'SPS is scrapping all HC programming and replacing it with empty promises, zero plan, and zero funding. I'm sad to watch so many families leave the public school system, but I can't blame them.'

Eric Feeny told Fox13: 'Until you have a better system, don't give out a fake system or half solution' 

Teachers will now be forced to manage classes of 30 children of mixed abilities at the same time, without additional resources or funding. The HCC schools, which are targeted at the top two percent of students, are now being aggressively phased out and will be gone completely by 2024. 

And newly-unearthed footage of the board behind the decision displayed behavior that will further concern parents, with two of the most vocal ringleaders since disgraced by bullying accusations.

During the January 2020 meeting, a high-achieving black tech leader and mom called Sara Jones, who flourished after attending a HCC, wept as she begged the board to keep the schools.