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Far from being an ally, Israel is actually America's most dangerous ENEMY

• Natural news - Mike Adams

The following summary of Brighteon Broadcast News was authored by "Neo," our in-house LLM, which is being released open source to the greater community this Friday at Brighteon.AI. Unlike Big Tech's propagandized LLMs, Neo is trained on reality-based content and is designed to counter the biases and deliberate lies pushed by tech giants like Google, Meta and OpenAI. See below for the full broadcast episode.

In an exclusive Brighteon Broadcast News episode, Mike Adams shares his thoughts and concerns about recent events unfolding around the world. The main focus of the upcoming discussion is Israel's bombing in Damascus, which targeted the residence of the Iranian Ambassador and resulted in several high-level Iranian individuals being killed. Although the ambassador survived the attack, this act by Israel has escalated tensions and potentially set the stage for World War Three.

Mike Adams challenges the common belief that Israel is America's greatest ally, arguing instead that they are our most dangerous enemy as they attempt to involve the United States in a global conflict. The recent actions taken by certain parties are part of an effort to achieve a specific goal. During his time hosting the Alex Jones Show, Adams will discuss the latest developments in various regions, including the Middle East, Ukraine, and Russia, as well as gold prices and other relevant topics.