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Are You Ready For the Second Wave of Inflation?


The above items are not some conspiracy theory. The Fed's own actions support this view.

By quick way of review…

1) The Bernanke-led Fed launched QE 3 just three months before the 2012 Presidential election. At the time, the economy was growing, unemployment was falling, and there were no signs of systemic duress in the financial system. So this was a clear intervention to aid the Obama Administration's 2012 re-election bid.

2) The Fed kept rates at zero for seven of the eight years President Obama was in office.  Once it finally got around to raising rates, it engaged in one of the feeblest hiking schedules in history, raising them only once in 2015 and once in 2016.

3) Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election in a major upset to the political establishment. At that point the Fed suddenly began raising rates three to four times per year while simultaneously draining $500 billion in liquidity from the financial system.

4) Today, the Fed is actively juicing the stock market via multiple credit facilities designed to provide liquidity to help the Biden administration with its re-election bid. The Fed is also promising to cut rates despite the fact it's an election year and inflation has not fallen to its 2% target.

I wish this was the end of this disturbing exercise, but it's not: the Fed is also letting housing bubble up again. The reason? You guessed it, real estate is the single most owned asset class in the U.S. And boosting home prices during an election year is likely to sway voters.

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