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This Is How Most People Will Die When There Is A Large Scale Nuclear War...

•, By Michael

We have never been closer to nuclear war than we are right now.  If the conflict in Ukraine sparks a large scale nuclear war between the United States and Russia, billions of people could die.  This is why so many of us desperately want leaders from both sides to sit down at the negotiating table and try to work out their differences peacefully.  Perhaps a peaceful solution is not possible, but for the good of humanity they should at least make an attempt.  Because as things stand right now, all it is going to take is one mistake for the world to be plunged into an unthinkable nuclear cataclysm.

According to author Annie Jacobsen, the U.S. has a network of satellites that is constantly watching for an ICBM launch from one of our enemies…

"The US Defense Department has a early warning system. And the system in space is called SBIRS, a constellation of satellites that is keeping an eye on all of America's enemies."

"So the moment an ICBM launches, they see the hot rocket exhaust on the ICBM a fraction of a second after it launches. And so there begins this horrifying policy called launch on warning, and that's the US counterattack.

"The reason that the United States is so ferociously watching for a nuclear launch somewhere around the globe is so that the nuclear command and control system in the US can move into action to immediately make a counterstrike.

"That policy, launch on warning, is exactly like it says, it means the United States will not wait to absorb a nuclear attack. It will launch nuclear weapons in response before the bomb actually hits."