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The real-life Jetsons! Futuristic European flying 'AirCar' that can transform from...


From Harry Potter to The Jetsons, flying cars have been staple features of science fiction blockbusters for years. 

But they're slowly but surely becoming a reality, with several firms vying to be the first to launch a commercially available vehicle. 

One of those firms is KleinVision, the Slovakia-based developer of AirCar - the 'world's first certified flying car' which can transform from a road vehicle into a plane in under three minutes. 

While the car is already certified to fly in Slovakia, the technology behind it has now been sold to a Chinese company, which KleinVision claims will 'accelerate progress towards mass-market flying car manufacturing.'

The news comes shortly after the UK government announced that flying taxis will be whizzing around British skies by 2028. 

AirCar is a dual-mode craft, which can reach heights of more than 8,000ft and speeds of over 100mph.

It was certified to fly in Slovakia back in 2022 after completing more than 200 take-offs and landings during 70 hours of rigorous flight testing to European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards.  

Now, the technology has been sold to Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company for an undisclosed amount.   

This licensing agreement grants the Chinese company exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute flying cars using KleinVision's technology within a 'specific' - yet undisclosed - geographical region.