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Islamic State Terror Attack Against Moscow. Who Is Behind ISIL-ISIS-Daesh?

•, By Peter Koenig

However, the political end of this attack is more complex.

On March 7, 2024, the US Embassy in Russia warned Moscow that a terror attack may take place in Moscow within the next few weeks. No further details.

Is it one of the now fashionable "predictive planning" stunts?

On the same day, the same US Embassy in Moscow warned US citizens in Moscow not to visit shopping malls. How much did the US know?

Speculations abound. Was this an empty warning to destabilize Russia and Russian elections?

Or was it one more provocation to pull Russia into a larger conflict?

On the day of the attack, John Kirby, spokesman for National Security at the White House said in a Press Conference that there were no indications that Ukraine had anything to do with the attack. In early March Washington just had some indications that a terror assault may hit Moscow.

"Some indications"? Why then the warning on the same 7 March to US citizens in Moscow not to visit any shopping malls?

It could not be more obvious that a hidden agenda is being played by Washington – and, may be added, by NATO and Europe?

Whether the Islamic State (ISIL), Al Qaeda or another CIA / MI6 terror creation – or even Kiev directly — was involved in this mass-killing is irrelevant, because whoever acted, did so on behalf of US / NATO and the West's "Classe politique". 

It is no coincidence that French President Macron practically simultaneously sends officially 2,000 French NATO troops to Ukraine. "Officially", because western / NATO military advisers, trainers and coaches for Kiev's Nazi-military have been in Kiev for quite a while.