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The Globalists Have Targeted Russia – Why?

•, By: GeorgeEaton

I remember distinctly when I called a meeting after the Weaver siege in North Idaho, that one of the men from a neighboring county was wearing a red wrist watch, with the huge symbol of the hammer and sickle and the red logo. I asked him what it meant to him and he explained that he got it after the fall of the Soviet Union. And, he was wearing like a trophy, not to celebrate communism, but the fall of communism.

I was still skeptical of the fall of communism, and in fact, had a strong belief, that it was a trick to make the west go to sleep about considering Russia an enemy, and to make the world believe that communism was dead. In this way I felt, that this grand scheme would place the communists who were pretending to be a democracy, in a position to attack us by stealth in the future.
But after another decade went by, I only saw good fruits coming from Russia in their actions, beliefs and stands. This is not to say that the Russian type democracy is perfect, but I had to admire their stand for family values, moral and religious values, and the defense of countries against ISIS terrorists.

At the same time, I monitored what the wealthy elite globalists were saying about Russia. I read their insider think-tank papers, their opinions on Russia and could see the news media's they control, create a massive amount of anti-Russian propaganda. In turn I also saw the globalists' puppet politicians start to vilify and demonize Russia and make huge moves in NATO to eventually go to war against Russia. These were all contrived and manufactured moves, without any valid justification. The question was, why was this being done - and who benefits?

With more research it was obvious that the globalists', who control a failing global system which is about to collapse, saw the Russian territory as the best financial hope for the future. Russia after all, is the largest nation on earth. It has the largest amount of natural resources on the planet including oil, gas, minerals, gold, silver, and rare metals that are critical in in-tech development.