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17 Basic Skills You'll Have to Learn After the Collapse

•, by Epic Economist

While the modern world has brought with it a wide range of conveniences that have made life easier, it has also made us dependent on systems and technologies that may not be able to withstand a major disaster.

Today, Patriots need to be aware that we could very likely find ourselves facing an event that threatens our way of life. Whether it's the impending crash of the economy, the looming threat of an attack on American soil that could very well happen at any time, or a catastrophic natural disaster, being prepared is essential. Patriots, this is crucial to surviving after the collapse! Learn these skills, and prep for what's right around the corner.

Editor's Note: Experienced preppers will look at this list and say, "Duh!" There's nothing earthshattering about this list. But for those of us who are either inexperienced at survival/preparedness or who have put all of our focus on supplies rather than skills, this list will make for a great reminder and will hopefully prompt people to start learning skills as soon as possible.

First Aid

Fire Starting

Animal Care


Food Preservation



Candle Making





Traditional Medicine