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New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco And Baltimore Were Once Such Beautiful Cities…

•, By Michael

Today, there is a mass exodus out of our largest metropolitan areas due to the absolutely deplorable conditions.  If you are not yet convinced that we are a nation in decline, spend some time wandering around our core urban areas.  The shiny new cities that previous generations of Americans built for us are degenerating at a pace that is absolutely stunning.

Just look at what is happening to New York.  A couple of decades ago, it was still in relatively good shape.

But now it is going down the tubes really fast.

A shopping mall in the Big Apple that cost a billion dollars to build just ten years ago is being permanently shut down because conditions in the city have become so intolerable…

A MAJOR city mall with dozen of stores is planning to shut up shop as America's theft epidemic continues to batter businesses.

Retail operator Westfield announced that it intends to end its lease and sever all operations with the Fulton Center in Lower Manhattan.

Westfield put pen to paper on a two-decade long lease in 2014.

However, as levels of theft and homelessness continue to spiral, the company have decided to forego the contract 10 years early.

Westfield has cited soaring crime and quality of life concerns as their reason for terminating the lease.