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Tennessee Senate passes bill to ban chemtrail spraying while corporate media pretends...

•, Ethan Huff

A new clean air bill passed by the Tennessee Senate contains language that prohibits geoengineering, also known as chemtrails, across the Volunteer State.

In order to create cleaner skies in Tennessee, the state senate included language in the bill that prohibits the "intentional injection, release, or dispersion, by any mean, of chemicals, chemical compounds, substances or apparatus within the border of this state into the atmosphere with the express purpose of affecting temperature, weather, or the intensity of sunlight."

You can see from this specific verbiage that the state senate is combatting projects such as sunlight "dimming" and "cooling" operations from climate change fanatics who now openly admit that their goal is to pollute the skies with poison in order to keep the planet from "warming."

"This is fantastic for Tennessee," stated conservative activist Robby Starbuck about the bill.

"24 Senators voted in favor, 6 opposed. The rest of the bill is below. Now we wait for the House to vote on it but I urge every House rep in TN to support this bill. Our federal government has a dark history of spraying and poisoning citizens with toxins that they never consented to coming into contact with. Just look at what they did in St. Louis during the Cold War. The suffering it caused was horrific. We can't risk the Federal Government spraying anything on our citizens!"

The legislation, known as Senate Bill No. 2691 (SB 2691), will be followed by a related bill in the House, known as House Bill No. 2063 (HB 2063). If that bill passes as well, Gov. Bill Lee is expected to sign the overall legislation into law, seeing as how he has never vetoed any bill that comes across his desk throughout his entire career.

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