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Swathes Of Ukraine Go Dark After Russia Pummels Electrical Power Facilities In Huge Retaliation

•, by Tyler Durden

The Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) in a press briefing detailed its retaliatory attacks which it described as a direct response to the shelling of Russian territory. The MoD confirmed that it has hit "energy and military industry facilities, railway junctions and arsenals."

Significantly the country's largest hydroelectric plant at Dnieper has been shut down after what appears a major missile strike impacting its vital operations. Various regions impacted have been left without power, and there are widespread reports of new internet outages in Ukraine. 

Russia's military touted that "all the goals of the massive strike have been achieved" - which reportedly included hits on "foreign military equipment and ordnance delivered by NATO countries" which were destroyed, according to state-run TASS.

Unconfirmed footage is widely circulating which shows a Russian cruise missile slam into the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Plant: