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Putin Vows Revenge For "Bloodbath" Moscow Attack, Points Finger At Help From Ukraine...

•, by Tyler Durden

The official death toll from Russian authorities in the wake of Friday's terror attack on a Moscow concert hall has reached 133 killed, with some unofficial reports saying there could be as many as 140 or more. As the scene continues to be processed and investigated, and given some of the hospitalized are in critical condition, the death toll is likely to rise. Over 150 were wounded in the attack, which involved a group of well-equipped attackers sporadically shooting into crowds as they walked through the mall and into the concert hall. Three children are still in the hospital, with one in critical condition.

The mall and complex at the Crocus City Hall music venue appears to have burned for many hours through the night. Russia's Investigative Committee later said more bodies were recovered from be smoldering building. Importantly, authorities on Saturday announced the capture of four suspected gunmen, also amid unconfirmed social media videos purporting to show some of the detained alleged gunmen.

Eleven people total have been detained connected with the terror attack which the Federal Security Service (FSB) has said includes "four terrorists who were directly involved in the terrorist attack on Crocus." They are not Russian nationals, security services said.

After the Friday night rampage at the venue just outside Moscow, "the perpetrators tried to escape by car, fleeing towards the Russian-Ukrainian border," the FSB said Saturday "The criminals intended to cross the Russia-Ukraine border and had relevant contacts on the Ukrainian side," the FSB statement alleged.

The four alleged gunmen were detained "not far from the border with Ukraine". This has raised suspicion in the Kremlin over Ukraine's involvement, despite the widespread media reports in the West that it was ISIS-K. As we noted earlier, Russian media has not echoed the Western reports highlighting an ISIS-K statement of responsibility.

Instead, in addressing the crisis President Vladimir Putin has vowed to punish the perpetrators of the barbaric terrorist act while also charging that Ukraine prepared a "window" to help the terrorists escape.