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Drone Video Reveals Massive NYC Migrant Tent City, Kept Under Wraps By Democrats & Media

•, by Tyler Durden

This comes as the metro area has been flooded with upwards of 175,000 illegals in just a few short years. 

According to a recent AFP News report, large white tents full of Central and South Americans, Africans, Chinese, and Russians are packed like cattle on one of the runways at Floyd Bennett Field. It's hard to say how many migrants are in the tent city, but some figures put it at nearly 2,000. 

Corporate media has largely ignored this sprawling tent city of illegals. Only a handful of articles have been published about it over the last three months. 

Forget legacy media outlets whose journalists are bought and sold by mega-corporations and heavily influenced by Washisngton's censorship-industrial complex because citizen journalists have revealed new footage of the migrant tent city. 

X user Henry Facey's drone video of the tent city has been reposted by many on the free speech platform and has since gone viral.

A separate investigation by Facey shows another tent city in the metro area. 

Elon Musk posted a quick two-minute video detailing the end goals of the migrant invasion facilitated by the White House, non-governmental organizations, and mega-corporations