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London's Kings Cross Station Removes Islamic Messages From Display Boards After Backlash

•, by Steve Watson

As we highlighted yesterday, Network Rail was pairing big board announcements of train delays and cancellations with Islamic hadiths to mark Ramadan, the religious holy month.

Following a huge amount of complaints, a Network Rail spokesperson commented "We value the feedback of our passengers and while these messages were intended to celebrate the beliefs and backgrounds of some of our colleagues and passengers, we have removed them."

The statement continued, "Over recent years, King's Cross has celebrated significant religious and secular events from all cultures including Easter, Diwali, Passover, Ramadan, and Remembrance Day, however we will now review how occasions can be marked in the future."

Speaking to GB News, Stephen Evans, chief executive of the National Secular Society, said  "At best it's a well-meaning yet misguided and counterproductive attempt at inclusivity."

"Such gestures suggest favouritism, generating resentment and the inevitable demands from other religious or identity groups for equal recognition," Evans added.

"Religious messages like this undermine the principle of neutrality. Maintaining such neutrality in public spaces and services is the best way of nurturing a fair and inclusive society that respects all individuals, regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds," he further urged.

The development comes as central London has been adorned with extensive Ramadan decorations, with no such decorations being planned for Lent or any other Christian feasts, despite Britain being a majority Christian country.