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Joe Biden mocks Donald Trump for being out of cash as he brands Ted Cruz a LOSER...


President Joe Biden mocked Donald Trump's massive legal debt and branded Ted Cruz a 'loser' as he asked Texans for their support.

The president spoke to two major fundraisers in a posh Dallas neighborhood on Wednesday night, where he raised more than $2.5 million for his re-election campaign.

He started off his remarks with a swipe at his Republican rival.

'Just the other day this defeated looking man came up to me and said: "Mr. President I need your help. I'm in crushing debt. I'm completely wiped out."'

Biden said he responded: 'Donald, I'm sorry. I can't help you.'

The crowd of about 100 people burst into laughter and applause.

Trump's legal debts could come close to half a billion dollars.

In New York, a judge ordered Trump to $355 million in fines, plus interest, after ruling that he had manipulated his net worth in financial statements. The state could seize his property if Trump can't pay.

New York Attorney General Letitia James noted the interest payments totaled $99 million and would 'continue to increase every single day until it is paid.'

The former president also was ordered to pay $83.3 million to the writer E. Jean Carroll for damaging her reputation after she accused him of sexual assault.

Biden spent most of the night ripping the opposition.

He asked the crowd not only to elect him, but to send the Democratic senatorial candidate to Washington so Republican Senator 'Ted Cruz joins another loser, Donald Trump.'

Biden, 81, noted there was a lot of talk about his and Trump's ages.

'I'm 41,' Biden joked as the crowd laughed.

But Biden added, 'it's about the age of our ideals.'

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