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Riley Gaines Destroys and Humiliates Piers Morgan's Guest with a Simple Question in Heated...

•, By Jim Hoft

In a fiery exchange on Piers Morgan's show, American swimmer Riley Gaines, known for her legal battle against the NCAA's decision to allow trans swimmer Lia Thomas to compete in women's categories, fiercely challenged the views of guest James Barr in a debate on whether to eliminate gender in sports.

The panel also included commentators Esther Krakue and Brandon Tatum from The Officer Tatum YouTube channel.

James Barr asked a provocative question to Gaines, suggesting the unfairness of competition could be rooted in physical differences such as height and strength.

"Riley, I want to ask you a question because a lot of this has to do with sport and how you feel. It's unfair because you're up against people with a bigger body, right? So, do you think it's unfair that someone who's taller than you or has more strength than you can be on the same team? Is that the argument we're making?" Barr asked.

Before Gaines could respond, Krakue interjected with, "I think it's with the chromosomes," hinting at the biological differences at play.

"Let's look at swimming across the field consistently. If you look at the world record against the men on the men's side versus the world record on the women's side, consistently, that athletic performance gap is ten to 12%. Someone being a few inches taller than me does not make up for that ten to 12% performance gap we're talking about. By having a man competing against a woman, of course, there are natural advantages that people possess. But what we're talking about specifically here is beyond comparison to what the conclusion you're drawing," said Gaines.

Barr retorted with a radical proposal, "The conclusion I'm drawing is that we should get rid of gender altogether, and we should have sports based on body metrics."