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FOUR large mega corporations own 85% of America's meat industry...

•, by: Ethan Huff

America's cattle ranchers have bad news for the American public: Most of the meat you and your family are eating is corporate-owned by entities outside the United States.

It turns out that just four large mega corporations own 85 percent of the cattle industry. Of these four, two are foreign-owned, and one of them is Chinese, leaving just one American entity providing American beef.

"Fifty percent or more of the beef processing is controlled by countries outside of the U.S.," tweeted the Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) account on X, quoting a U.S. cattle rancher. "It comes down to our own food source security."

"We used to make a fair amount of return on my cattle, but the industry has changed dramatically with the government allowing the consolidation of the meat processing business."

How this came to be is a typical American tale: Large corporations run by mega-millionaires and mega-billionaires conspired together to take over and consolidate family farms to boost their own profits and power, everyday Americans be damned.

"Our government allowed two giant companies controlled by foreign governments to come in and acquire," the cattle rancher added. "One of them is controlled by the Chinese, and they bought Smithville out of North Carolina. And the other one was a Brazilian company that came in and bought up one of the other major players."

"So now we have an industry, 85 percent of it actually has been consolidated and rolled up and controlled by four companies. Four companies now are dictating who gets what, where, and when. Do you see?"