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Ketanji Brown Jackson Warns Right To Free Speech Could Lead To People Speaking Freely


As the nation's highest court considers whether the federal government can limit free speech on social media platforms, Justice Jackson expressed alarm at the potential for the First Amendment provision of free speech to allow people to actually say whatever they want.

"This is a very dangerous idea," Jackson said. "Having the right to free speech plainly written into the Constitution could set a frightening precedent that would let people in this country, like say whatever they want. What if someone wants to say a bad thing that I hate? The founders clearly did not anticipate this when they wrote the Bill of Rights."

Jackson continued to explain her concern as several other justices on the court reportedly proceeded to look at their copies of the U.S. Constitution, then back at Jackson, then back at the Constitution, and back at Jackson.

"I mean, what if someone is saying something dangerous? Or sharing an incorrect meme?" Jackson asked. "What then? Shouldn't the government be able to stop that? It's not like it's a 'right,' is it? Next thing you know, people will be saying the Constitution gives them the right to own guns. Ridiculous."

At publishing time, arguments had to be suspended to give Justice Jackson an opportunity to read a 2nd-grade history textbook about The Constitution.

When guns are finally banned in the coming utopia, you may still need to defend yourself on the rare occasion.

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