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Alex Jones is going RINO hunting, and his first target is Dan Crenshaw…


Despite it all, Texans are sending this RINO back to Congress for more of this uni-party buffoonery. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more cringe, Crenshaw delivers another classic facepalm moment. This time, he's spinning tales to the American public, insisting that, despite all the evidence and reports that suggest otherwise, US intelligence is not engaged in US propaganda.

He also claims the FBI, CIA, and other 3-letter agencies are not taking any nefarious actions against the American people. Really? Ask the J6 political prisoners how they feel about that.

Speaking of January 6th, just a quick glance at that setup or the botched Whitmer kidnapping sham is enough to toss Dan's cockamamie theory out the window.

Beyond the swath of Americans fed up with this ineffective RINO, Alex Jones stands particularly unimpressed by Dan, dubbing him "Eye-Patch McCain." Jones is gearing up to go after him head-on, ready to unleash a full barrage over at 

We may be jumping the gun a bit, but it looks like this showdown might just turn into a real "bloodbath" for RINO Dan.