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A rational understanding of the Universe.

• arclein

when we peer out into the universe, we see a sea of galaxies and within each, a sea of stars. Our intellectual starting point is an act of creation, we call the BIG BANG and this is actually no different from other past efforts. The insight i am sharing is that we see distant matter but fail to recall all this matter is automatically sublight. Two things actually follow. 1 The act of creation is singular and placed back deep in time relative to all other matter and pretty well contemporaneous to other acts of creation. It appears likely all stars are individual acts of creation and all this creating is driven by consiousness. dust consolidation looks like any galaxy and is far too slow and only winds material into the core to be consumed through event horizons. 2 Every Galaxy has a start point and this likely accounts for its apparent age and apparent distance. Or are we even getting information refected back to us through crystaline facets? My point is that the observ